These are the wind charts from the 3 days chosen by our entrants.
All 31 are recorded under ‘Daily Blog’ for those who like to look back and analyse.
New pilot Matt Rowley and Stuart Skinner flew on the 15th and claimed 3rd place with 65.8 miles.
I met Matt when he lived next door to me and he joined a few other 6 year olds in my 180 basket to celebrate my son’s birthday. There and then, Matt vowed to one day become a balloon pilot and he has achieved his goal. Not only that – he has entered the Long Jump in his first year as P1 !
Mike Scholes won the Long Jump in 2007 (182 miles) and 2002 (231 miles) and flew well over 100 miles in ’03 and ’08. After losing much of his sight in recent years he has lost none of his enthusiasm and it came as no surprise to receive an entry from him with Ian Warrington as P1 and Deborah Day as Pu/t.
Ian won in 2006 (163 miles) and 2009 (137 miles) so I expected a competitive flight from these veterans. Sure enough, they flew 169 miles in five and a half hours and came 2nd.
So the 2011 Long Jump winners are Rob Bayly and Andrew Gregory who flew 228.8 miles in 6 hours and 40 minutes from Milford haven to Cambridge.
Rob has entered 8 times before, flying a cumulative total of 1105 miles, winning in 1993 with 256 miles and this year’s flight saw him celebrate his 1000th hour. Congratulations!
I look forward to more entries next year, and continued enthusiasm to enjoy The Great British Long Jump.
Founder and Judge.

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