Rules & Entry

Entries accepted any time during October.

The Rules

LONG JUMP rules. ( Click HERE for 1984 original!)

1. Any pilot may enter with any balloon.
2. The winner is the pilot who flies the longest straight line distance within the British Isles during the month of October. ( For Long Jump purposes this region includes the British mainland, Ireland, and every island in British or Irish Waters.)
3. Intermediate landings are not permitted.
4. The judge’s decisions are final.
5. The entry fee is fifty pounds – cheques payable to Robin Batchelor (address below) or online transfer to sort code 60-21-21 account 68523025). All the entry fees go towards administrative costs, the printing and binding of reports, commemorative mugs and prizes, as well as the cash prize to the winner.
6. The competition starts just after midnight on the morning of October 1 and closes at dusk on 31 October.
7. Each entrant shall send a flight report to the judge before November 7. These reports will bound and distributed at the Survivors’ Lunch, ( and some of their contents may be used in AEROSTAT.) They should each accompany the completed pro-forma which solicits crucial information, with the actual reports being elaboration of each flights’ most memorable and believable happenings.
8. The winners will be announced at the Survivors’ Lunch to be held late November. All jumpers and crews are invited to attend and the marvellous silver trophy will be presented, plus the Frog and Flea trophies. Date is ( probably)Sunday 25 November.
9. Each entrant shall receive a commemorative mug, a bound copy of the reports and the opportunity to applaud the winner as he/she receives the trophy for longest distance flown and a handsome cheque.
10. The Frog will be awarded to the outright winner who flew the longest distance. The Flea will be awarded to the pilot who either flew furthest in a small balloon (generally less than 100,000cu.ft) or who did exceedingly well in some other fashion and therefore merits second place on the winners’ podium.

Address to send £50 entry cheque…..(made to Robin Batchelor)
Or online transfer to sort code 60-21-21. Account 68523025

Robin Batchelor
The Great British Long Jump
The Old Candle Factory
Bull Lane
OX9 3BH.

Good luck to all!


2 thoughts on “Rules & Entry

  1. Robin,
    Hi, I would like to register for the Long jump this year.
    My name is Richard Pugh and I flying with Terry McCoy.
    I will put the cheque in the post today.

    Richard Pugh

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