Great British Long Jumps – 2008.
Name. Balloon. Distance. Date. Where to where? Duration.
1. Mark Dunstan-Sewell C. 105 230 miles 25th. Devon to 6 hours
Alastair Spurr Cambridgeshire

2. Andy Austin and U/M 105 178.5 miles 19th Powys to Norfolk 7hrs 3 mins.
Ian Warrington

3. Rick Vale U/M 105 174 miles 18th Gwynedd to 7 hours
Mike Scholes Lincolnshire

4. Gary Davies C 120 158 miles 31 st Yorkshire to 7 hours
Adrian Waters Oxford

5. Alan Turner C 120 124.3 miles 21st Herefordshire to 5 hrs 2 mins
Brian Workman Essex

6. Richard Penney U/M 90 112 miles 9th Berkshire to 5 hrs 45 mins
Spencer Craze Cambridgeshire

Those entrants who were unable to fly ( or failed to report in) are as follows –
Graeme Church, Mark Granger & Sarah Sherrin, Ben Whatley & Mike Petteford,
Arthur & Charlie Street, Jon Francis and David Green.
Commiserations to you and big encouragement for next year!

A total of 976.8 miles were flown above this green and pleasant land and none of the entrants flew on the same day.
Weather details are recorded for each day on www.thelongjump.com

My thanks and congratulations go to the intrepid pilots and crews who made the effort to go out and expand their ballooning experience. To do so well takes courage, determination and organisation with one hand hopefully keeping a firm grip on common sense. We see a good balance this year.

I look forward to next year!


GBLJ Founder and Judge.


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