And the winners are ……

The Great British Long Jump 2012

Just 8 entries this year and 3 of those were unable to fly on the October days they had free. So the remaining 5 claimed a total of 662 miles between them assuming Jon Francis and Dave Sillence flew 10miles on their leisurely flight. (Read their report) Cumulative time aloft amounted to 27 hours 52 minutes to cover their distances.
4 th place goes to Andy Holly & Andy Collett in a 105 who covered 114 miles in 7hrs 45mins. Their maximum height was 9,995 ft and average speed 16mph. A Red Bull stunt pane flew around them and took pictures. There’s even a video on YouTube. (Read their report)And HERE with pictures.

3rd place goes to Matt Wiltshire & Ed Chapman with 117 miles in a 105 taking just over 5 hours. Average speed was 20knots and maximum altitude was 10,000 ft. Bristol ATC were very helpful and friendly and routed an EasyJet below them and a RyanAir above them. The female controller at Brize was very inquisitive and Ed thinks has a touch of naughtiness in her voice. We expect an update! Coventry on the other hand took a more serious attitude.(Read their report)
2nd place are Richard Penney & Chris Freeman who flew 176 miles in 6hrs 15 mins with an average speed of 25 knots and maximum altitude of 6 thousand ft. in a 90. They charmed the Welsh farmer at take off who delighted in offering them a perfect field and when the Northamptonshire farmer learned they had flown from The Brecon Beacons he asked, “ Did you take off today?” (Read their report)
Thus the winners are Rob Bayly and Andrew Gregory who flew their 105 245.8 miles in 7hr and 26mins with a maximum speed of 70.8mph and maximum altitude 12,000 feet. All these figures were produced by mission computer specialist Matt Bayly with MotionX tracker on his iPad whilst the pilots were nourished by flap jacks made by Andrew’s son Pete.
Their report’s theme is space flight – inspired by Felix Baumgartner’s flight to the edge of space – and I think it’s the first time I have seen Hysplit mentioned in Long Jump reports. A very useful accurate met tool which I first learned about during the 2010 Gordon Bennett race from Bristol. (Read report)
As usual, the reports are full of useful information which will help future Long Jumpers. Good communication with air traffic controllers is followed throughout and modern gizmos make navigation a lot easier and can usefully prove that you did not infringe airspace if needed later on.
Careful planning meant the winners launched at 10.54 and enjoyed a stand up landing 20 minutes after sunset.
Congratulations to all, and I look forward to next year!
Robin Batchelor.
Founder and Judge.

The Long Jump has really come of age – here’s the winners’ Hysplit model ! ( details in their report)


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