Day 27 – cloudy and wet clearing later

Cloudy and wet for most with bands of rain spreading northeast across the country. In the afternoon, clearer skies will develop in the Southwest and spread northeast as rain clears away.

An east-west split in the weather developing with a moderate breeze for all. Clear and dry for eastern areas while the western half of the country sees scattered heavy showers. Feeling chilly.

A blustery day of sunshine and showers across the country, with showers most frequent in western and northern areas. Some showers will be heavy and may bring the odd rumble of thunder too.

Outlook for Thursday to Saturday
A succession of low pressure systems is expected on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday which will keep things often wet, cloudy, and unsettled. The best of any lengthy dry spells will be in the Southeast. However, these weather systems will bring some warmer air in from the southwest, so temperatures will likely be well above normal as we close out October.

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