And the winners are …

Another successful Long Jump draws to a close and we can enjoy the crazy adventures shared by the seven teams in their reports.
It all started back in 1984 when I landed after a flight of only a few minutes from yet another showground to the first car park and I thought, “Sod this, let’s fly as far as we can when the commercial balloon season is over.”
Read the original idea HERE.

We call it a competition, but really it is a kick up the bum for people to push their boundaries. Fly further, fly higher, flay faster and have fun while they are doing it. But you know how competitive pilots can be, so there is a “WINNER”
This year we congratulate WILLIAM WOOD and MATTHEW BILLING for flying from Dorset to Norfolk. 233 miles in 7 hours and 50 minutes and we are promised a video will be posted on Youtube CLICK HERE Hilarious!

So congratulations to all pilots, crews, helpers, farmers and you can read all the reports HERE.

See you next year!!!

Happy Landings,

Founder and Judge.

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