Day 26 – sunshine and showers. Colder.

Patchy light rain in the south will clear by late morning, leaving a mix of sunny spells and showers. The showers will turn wintry across the Highlands at times. Feeling much colder than of late.


Friday will then be a chillier day than for most than of late, with a brisk north to north-westerly wind. Any rain will clear southwards, leaving most areas with some bright or sunny spells. However, there will also be showers, these most frequent over north Wales and northern Scotland, where some hail and upland snow could be mixed-in overnight. This weekend will then be a much colder with highs of only 5-10 Celsius quite widely; last weekend highs reached nearer 20 Celsius in places. Most areas will have some decent bright or sunny periods but there will be further showers in places. The showers are likely to be focused over northern Scotland, near to North Sea coasts and also through the Irish Sea, into parts of west Wales and Cornwall. Indeed, the showers moving over western fringes of Wales and into Cornwall could form into a line, know as the Pembrokeshire Dangler, bringing more persistent rain and hail for some. Indeed, some of the showers could have a wintry flavour with upland snow mixed-in. A risk of frost in the nights this weekend, too.

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