Day 6 – Wet, cold and windy

Cloudy, cold and windy with persistent rain for much of England and Wales, but sunnier in the north and west later. Chilly with sunny periods elsewhere, with some showers around.

Tomorrow looks good – frosty start and plenty of sunshine! Go for it!

Monday 8 October—Sunday 14 October
Mild but wet and breezy at times.

Monday is likely to become breezy for many with a brisk south-westerly wind. Meanwhile, fronts from the Atlantic will bring outbreaks of rain to some north-western areas of the UK. Indeed, there is the potential for some very wet weather over western Scotland together with Northern Ireland. Mostly dry, though, for the south-eastern quarter of the UK.
Through the remainder of next week, the day to day details of the forecast are rather uncertain. It is likely to be breezy or windy at times with fronts moving in from the west, bringing rain at times. There is some uncertainty over how far east the rain will reach. However, western and
north-western areas of the UK are likely to be the wettest with frequent rainfall. Eastern and south-eastern areas of England should have some lengthier dry and bright periods of weather with only occasional rainfall. There is a risk, though, that much wetter conditions do reach the east and south-east.
It is likely to be a generally mild week despite rainfall for some with winds often from a south or south-westerly direction. Indeed, highs should be into the high teens Celsius at times over England and Wales and perhaps reaching nearer 20 Celsius occasionally. Furthermore, there should be a lack of autumn frosts.

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